How do I keep my baby warm?

Posted by Babu on 2nd Aug 2021

How do I keep my baby warm?

Babies cannot regulate their own temperature like adults can. This makes them more prone to being too hot or too cold, leading to temperature discomfort. Although we are progressing through the winter months, there are still many cool nights ahead. It is important to consider the temperature of your baby through these winter months.

To keep your little one happy, pay attention to the daily temperature and dress your baby appropriately.

Dress your baby for the conditions

Layering your baby in several smaller layers is a great way to ensure they are dressed properly for the conditions. Layering makes it easy to adjust your little one’s temperature as you can easily pop on an extra layer if you find they are too cold. This is an especially good idea if you live in an area that fluctuates in temperature throughout the day.

We recommend dressing your baby in a merino wool base layer. This will ensure they remain a comfortable temperature throughout the day/night as conditions change.

During the day, it may be a good idea to put a hat, mittens and even booties on your baby. This will stop a lot of heat escaping through their head, hands, and feet.

Will my baby get too hot in merino?

No. Merino has excellent thermoregulation properties that a baby does not. This means that merino wool can keep your baby warm in cold temperatures and cool when they begin to overheat.

Although we know merino wool as a super cosy material, it is also extremely breathable, preventing you from overheating. For this reason, merino wool is perfect for babies.

Merino wool is best as the first layer against the skin. The crimping in the structure of the merino fibre allows it to be super breathable whilst trapping in heat. Any further layers will be an added bonus! As well as being breathable, merino wool makes an amazing base layer for babies and adults as it wicks away any moisture from the skin, keeping you cosy and dry.

A merino wool bodysuit, single bodysuit, tee shirt or leggings are ideal base layers for babies.

How do I keep my baby warm at night?

Try to keep your baby’s room a stable, comfortable temperature. You can use a room thermometer to monitor your little one’s sleeping environment overnight. The room should be about 18 Celsius.

Avoid excessive heating or cold, drafty rooms to keep baby happy through the night.

Keeping your baby warm enough at night will also encourage a long, deep sleep as they are less likely to wake due to discomfort.

Just like during the day, make sure your baby is appropriately dressed for the night. We recommend using a merino sleeping bag in the cooler/mild months of the year. Layer them up with a merino bodysuit and/or merino PJs to keep them snug all night long.

What to wear with your Babu Merino Sleeping Bag:

22-24C (71.6-75F) Short sleeve bodysuit
20-22C (68-71.6F) Long sleeve bodysuit
18-20C (64.4-68F) Long sleeve bodysuit & leggings
16-18C (60.8-64.4F) Long sleeve bodysuit & pyjamas
14-16C (57.2-60.8F) As above, with long sleeve tee

During the summer months, you can still dress your baby in a base layer of merino such as a merino singlet bodysuit. Cotton is a great alternative to merino wool for hotter climates. Organic cotton is great for sensitive baby skin as it is super soft and breathable. A organic cotton onesie or PJs are perfect for keeping your little one a comfortable temperature all night long. 

How do I know if my baby is warm enough?

You can tell if your baby is warm enough by checking the temperature of their chest. To do this, place the back of your hand on their torso. Their body should be comfortably warm. If it is cold or very warm, evaluate the layers your baby is wearing.

A baby’s hands and feet are not a good way of testing their overall body temperature. This is because the hands and feet are usually more exposed, therefore cooling down faster.

Flushed red cheeks is a tell-tale sign your baby might be overheating. 

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