What are woollen dryer balls?

Posted by Babu on 23rd May 2022

What are woollen dryer balls?

Balls of wool for your dryer… what do they do? Welcome to the world of Woollen Dryer Balls!

You may never have heard of them, but they will soon become the greatest thing you never knew you needed. Basically if you have and use a dryer, you will want a bag of these little fluffy balls.

Dryer balls save time and energy

Dryer balls are all about reducing drying time, therefore cutting down on power use AND your precious time.

A busy wet weekend and the washing isn’t done, or your little darling has wet through their last dry all-in-one, dryer balls are exactly the little helper you need to pump out those extra loads.

Woollen dryer balls will be a gamechanger to your laundry routine. As they bounce around in the dryer they increase the flow of air and soak up excess moisture, cutting your drying time (up to 50%).

Woollen dryer balls are kinder to the planet

As well as being a time saver, you are also saving on energy bills and being kinder to the planet by reducing your energy use, something we here at BABU are passionate about.

Using dryer balls regularly can reduce a households annual energy consumption significantly. In particular, Woollen dryer balls are a more natural choice, they are a naturally renewable resource, do not shed microplastics and when they are worn out can simply be disposed of in your home compost, where they will biodegrade naturally.

Choosing Woollen dryer balls helps to keep more waste out of the land-fill.

Woollen dryer balls naturally soften fabric and reduce static

Woollen dryer balls also naturally soften clothing reducing the need for nasty chemical fabric softeners, their presence in the dryer reduces static and can help remove pet hair and other lint from laundry.

Being wool these dryer balls have the added bonus of quiet operation. No harsh banging and or risk of damage to the dryer or transfer of toxic residues from plastic-based products. These soft woollen balls will not cause pilling to your precious linen and clothes.

How do you use Woollen dryer balls?

Simply pop in the dryer with your wet laundry load, and enjoy reduced drying time.

Place on the windowsill to air-dry between loads if needed or just store in the dryer for your next load.

The reduction in drying time will be dependent on what is in your laundry load, what heat and cycle your machine is running, and how heavily the dryer is loaded. You will learn quickly over a few monitored loads how much to reduce your dryer timer by.

How long do Woollen dryer balls last?

Woollen dryer balls can last up to 1000 washes (or 2-5 years depending on use).

Recharge your dryer balls approx. every 100 washes by handwashing in warm (not hot) water and placing in the dryer. It is time to replace them when they start to look straggly and / or wool residue can be found on clothes.

Worn out balls can be composted or placed directly into the garden as wool acts as great moisture retention for plants and will breakdown naturally.

Babu Woollen Dryer Balls

Made from 100% felted wool, our dryer balls are tightly woven and will last hundreds of uses.

We know you will enjoy using your new laundry staple!

  • 100% organic felted NZ Wool
  • Designed and sourced in NZ
  • 6 extra large balls (11.5cm)
  • Reduces drying time and static

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