Why merino?

Posted by Babu on 14th Apr 2021

Why merino?

It’s simple really. From clean air, fresh grass, water and sunshine, comes the wool from merino sheep. It is known as one of the best quality natural fibres in the world. 

Wool has been clothing humanity for more than 10,000 years and is more in demand now than ever before. Merino wool ticks all the boxes, it is natural, biodegradable and renewable, making it the perfect choice for those seeking environmentally friendly clothing as well as those wanting soft, warm and luxurious fabrics. 

With the cooler weather setting in, there is no better time than now to get your hands on some merino goodies. Merino has properties that sports companies worldwide are emulating. Temperature, breathability, regulation, and easy care.

Temperature Regulation 

Temperature control is incredibly important for infants, as they are not yet able to regulate their own temperature. Merino protects your baby from temperate extremes because of its ability to insulate and breathe. This insulation has made wool synonymous with warmth, having a natural crimp in the fibre helps with insulation, and breathability protects from heat. Warm in winter and cool in summer, who could ask for more?

Merino Wool Hat


Breathability or moisture buffering as the scientists would call it, is when the fabric absorbs the moisture vapour from the micro environment above the skin and removes it, releasing it on the outer side of the garment, so the wearer does not feel clammy or uncomfortable. If your child is wearing a synthetic fibre the moisture gets trapped and your wee one overheats.

Moisture Wicking

Merino wool is amazing at wicking moisture away from the skin. This is great for keeping you warm without feeling sweaty. Merino wool can even absorb 30% of its weight in moisture whilst!

Luckily, merino fibres have a natural protective layer that helps to repel stains and odours from being absorbed. This means it will soak up your perspiration without become smelly. 

You can wear it all year round!

The temperature regulation, breathability and moisture wicking properties of merino mean it is great for use all year round. Don't pack your merino away when the weather starts to warm up. You can get use out of your merino products through all seasons!

Merino Hoodie

Merino is great for babies

Baby skin is far thinner and more delicate than adult skin, making it especially sensitive to abrasions and irritation. Merino is superfine and soft, making it suitable for use on babies. 

Merino is also great for keeping babies warm, cosy and dry during the night, making them as comfortable as possible and encouraging sleep. 

Being less prone to static, it attracts fewer dust mites, which is perfect for those suffering from allergies. The silky component of the wool is also ideal for adults with skin irritations that have in the past never been able to wear wool. 

Easy care 

With the amount of washing a baby creates along with our busy lifestyles, we are all interested in easy care. Read our Care Guide to keep your Merino looking and feeling fresh.

Machine washable in many cases, means less time in the laundry and more with your family. However, soaking wool is not advised, you will end up with the fibre deteriorating, or looking like you have popped it in a container with 20 moths.

Merino is naturally elastic which lets it stretch with the wearer and return to its natural shape. 

So why wouldn’t you wear merino? It truly is one of the world’s wonder fibres. We here at Babu™ love it and know you will love our merino range.

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