Little Me, Big Dreams Journal Book

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Little Me, Big Dreams Journal Book


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What is your big dream? Will you be a singer, a runner, an artist, a scientist, an activist—or something else? Explore all this and more in this beautifully illustrated guided journal and keepsake.

With quotes from the inspirational characters from the series and confidence-boosting activities, now you can put your own dreams to paper. Explore what makes you you and what you aspire to accomplish with drawing completion projects, fill-in-the-blank exercises, brainstorming prompts, and more. When you’re done, you’ll have a record of all your amazing strengths and step-by-step plans to live out your dreams!

“Every great dream begins with a dreamer.” —Harriet Tubman


Format: Hardback, 96 pages

ISBN: US 9780711248892, UK 9780711248885

Size: 0.394in x 0.315in / 10mm x 8mm

Published: June 16, 2020

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